"you can’t get away from me"

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L I T T L E. T I T A N. C A F É.

"I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you
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Levi fucking Eren against the wall



This is like my all time favorite gif

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Edited this because oh my god I love this scene
That laughter tho
Its so fucking cute and
Oh man
Jwsjneen I can’t even
Snsns s s
My oTP
Someone send help I’m dying


I want to watch the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi movie but my roomate is in the room I’m gonna have to curl up on my bed to watch it. 

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Just an FYI


I’ve been seeing the leaked nudes of Melissa, Becca, and Lea, as well as Victoria Justice and Jennifer Lawrence, on my dash. First things first, I am absolutely disgusted that someone would violate someone’s privacy like that. Their lives are private, and those pictures were supposed to stay…


So apparently iCloud was hacked and pretty much every female celebrity’s nudes were leaked. I’d like to remind my followers not to post them, because they’re supposed to be private, and just because some asshole leaked them doesn’t mean you should make it worse by spreading them around.

Reblog if you have mourned the death of a fictional character.



If you do not reblog this, you are in fact lying.

Hey, don’t you fucking scroll down




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What I mean when I say “I can’t do that”- Anxiety Version:

  • I am unable to do that
  • I am too stressed out to do that
  • I cannot face the humiliation of attempting to do that
  • My body will physically not allow me to do that
  • I am on the verge of a panic attack
  • I cannot do that

What people hear:

  • I am unwilling to do that
  • I am just shy
  • I am overreacting
  • I am lazy
  • I need to get more experience in social situation to help my anxiety
  • I need a push
  • I don’t want to do that

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